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Last Updated: 4 Feb 2014


Webb Cup

Col. F. W. Webb (1962)

Col. F. W. Webb (1962)

Webb Cup

The Webb Cup



presented annually for the best original research article
by the
Hong Kong Study Circle


2013Michel Houde The Webb Cup for 2013 went to Michel Houde for the Hong Kong Study Circle’s Website. 
2012Nick Halewood
HKSC Journal
The Webb Cup for 2012 went to Nick Halewood for the Hong Kong Study Circle’s Journal and Newsletter.
2011Lee Scamp
2011The Webb Cup for 2011 went to Lee Scamp for his new book  French Mail Paquebot Far East Itineraries 1862-1880.
2010Philippe Orsetti

Philippe Orsetti for his contributions to the Hong Kong Security Markings Study Group and its website, and specifically for his update of the Far East Forwarding Agents Cancellations (FACs) recorded by Kenneth Rowe.

Philippe was the winner, and upon acceptance he pointed out that the honour went to all the members of the security markings group, thanking Frank Drake, Peter Pugh and Rod Sell for specific contributions.

2009no award
2007/08David F. Tett
2007_8_t.jpgThis was awarded to David F. Tett for his book the A Postal History of the Prisoners of War and Civilian Internees in East Asia During The Second World War - Volume 4 Hong Kong and China 1941-1945.
R. C. Frajola, L. C. Scamp & M. O. Perlman
2006 winner This was awarded to R.C. Frajola, L. C. Scamp and M.O. Perlman for The United States Post Offices in China and Japan 1867-1874.
Edward Proud
2005_t.jpg This was awarded to Edward Proud for his new volume  The Postal History of Hong Kong 1841-1997.  This comprehensive book is an update to his earlier volume covering the period 1841-1958.
no award
Andrew Cheung
2003_t.jpg This was awarded to Andrew Cheung in his capacity as Editor of the Hong Kong Philatelic Society Journals. Andrew has produced seven of these since February 1997. They "are a fund of useful HK philatelic information."
Richard N. Gurevitch

Hong Kong : Queen Victoria Postal Adhesives, Vol. 1 & 2 published by Hong Kong Philatelic Society (2001)

Duncan Crewe and Nick Halewood
2001a_t.jpg  2001b_t.jpg Hong Kong Airmails 1924-41
Hong Kong Airmails 1945-95

both published by HKSC (2000)
Timothy J. B. Webb
2000_t.jpg Hong Kong Study Circle Bulletins
published by HKSC
Alfred M. Chu
1999_t.jpg Hong Kong : The 1898 10c on 30c Provisional Issue
published by the author (1998)
Lee C. Scamp
1998_t.jpg Far East Mail Ship Itineraries, 1840-1880, Vol. 1
published by the author (1997)
Shiu-Hon Chan
1997_t.jpg The 1891 Jubilee Overprint of Hong Kong
published by Philatelic Publications Ltd (1997)
Nick Halewood and David Antscherl
 1996_t.jpg A Study of Hong Kong Definitives : King Edward VII and King George V
published by HKSC (1995)
Ming W. Tsang
1995_t.jpg Hong Kong Forgeries
published by the author (1994)
1994Air Commodore R. N. Guerevitch
1994_t.jpg The Hong Kong Postage Stamps of the Queen Victoria Period - 'A Collector's Notebook'
1993Ming W. Tsang
1993_t.jpgHong Kong Registration Labels
1992Mr. Antscherl and Mr. Halewood
1992_t.jpgA Study of the Hong Kong Definitive Adhesives of King George VI  
published by HKSC (1992)
1991Dr. H. Schoenfeld
1991_t.jpgPostal Stationery of Hong Kong
1990Dr. H. Schoenfeld
1990_t.jpgCancellations of Hong Kong, The first 100 years 1841-1941
1989Dr. H. Schoenfeld
1989_t.jpgCancellations of the Treaty Ports of Hong Kong; 1830-1930
1988L.C. Scamp
1988_t.jpg20th Century Hong Kong UPU surface mail
1987L.C. Scamp
1987_t.jpgThe Postal Rate History of China and Hong Kong, 1800-1845
1986M. Goldsmith & C.W. Goodwyn
1986_t.jpgThe Crown Colony of Wei Hai Wei
NOTE: From 1986 onward the Webb Cup was awarded to books. Before 1986 the awards went to articles not necessarily published in the HKSC Journals.
1985 Mr. Norton - Treaty Ports Registration Handstamps (1831-1930)
1984 Mr. M. Goldsmith & Mr. L.C. Scamp - Supplementary Obliterator & Opium Wars Sequels

1983 Mr. R. Kirk - British Maritime Postal History Volume 2
1982 Mr. C.W. Goodwyn - Research on Cash covers

1981 Mr. R. Kirk - British Maritime Postal History Volume 1
1980 Mr. R. KirkShanghai and the P & O

1979 Mr. C.C. Gower - Bulletin 218
1978 Mr. R. Kirk - The P & O and the Hong Kong Mails - Part 3 – Tea and Opium
1977 Mr. W. Metzelaar - Articles on the Yokohama Consular Posts

1976 no award
1975 Mr. C.C. Gower
- Continuous work on the Bulletin

1974 Mr. C. D'Almada - 1885, 1891 and 1898 Provisional Issues

1973 Mr. P.H. Dunn
- Instructional markings

1972 Mr. C.C. GowerBulletin editions
1971 Wing Cr. P.I. Padget & Mr. P.C. Pearson - Joint paper on Fiscals

1970 Colonel D.R. Wood - Military – & markings from 1949

1969 no award

1968 Mr. P.C. Pearson - Article on Queen Victoria Plate 2
1967 Mr. P.C. Pearson
- Articles on the Decimal Surcharges
1966 Mr. E.A. Paterson - Article on Macao Boat Office

1965 Mr. P.C. Pearson - Research article on the Provisional Issues of Hong Kong

1964 Colonel F.W. Webb
- Branch office cancellations (Bulletin 110)
1963 Mr. W.R. Wellsted
- Article on Trans-Pacific Post

The Webb Cup was first awarded in 1963.

Thanks to Philippe Orsetti for supplying much of the content and images of the winning entries.


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