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Updated: 2 Aug 2015
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Notice Board

The Webb and Wilde Cups for 2015 will be awarded in Repton on Saturday, 5 September 2015.  Those members not attending the 5 September meeting are encouraged to mail, FAX or email (see below) their votes for both the Webb and Wilde Cups to Nick Halewood by 29 August.


(Please see HKSC Journal 374 - July 2015 for a detailed description of these items.)

  1. Earliest Know Queen Victoria 1c Postal Stationery Envelope Used in Hong Kong
  2. November 1945 Registered Cover from Hong Kong to Iowa Jima


(authors in alphabetical order)

  1. HK QV PC Earliest Use Appendix on HKSC website (Papers/P005), and HK QV Post Card Earliest Usage at HK & Treaty Ports - Introduction in Jn. 362/30 (Chan Chi Ho)
  2. Hong Kong security markings articles in HKSC Journal (Michel Houde)
  3. Destination covers article series in HKSC Journal (Ingo Nessel)
  4. Air mail service and late fee articles in HKSC Journal (Richard A. Whittington)

Three ways for HKSC members to vote:

Mail to:

Nick Halewood
Midoricho 1-9-204, Ashiya-shi
JAPAN 659-0042


FAX: 81-797-31-9816

Nick Halewood

 Update to:

Hong Kong & Treaty Ports Forwarding Agents Markings
During the XIX Century

by Philippe Orsetti

see the members' Papers section

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Our History

The Hong Kong Study Circle was founded in 1951 to record and circulate information on the philatelic and postal history of Hong Kong and the Treaty Ports. It is UK-based and regular meetings are held in London. Provincial meetings are also held from time to time. Overseas meetings are a feature as well and are arranged as opportunities arise.

Membership is world-wide and is linked by the Journal plus the Newsletter, which are the medium for reporting, exchanging and recording information, normally submitted by members. The Journal has been published continuously since 1951 and is issued quarterly free to members.

From time to time specialized handbooks are published by the HKSC, the most recent being two volumes, Hong Kong Airmails 1924-41 (by Duncan Crewe), and Hong Kong Airmails 1945-95 (by Nick Halewood). Click here for more information.


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