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April 2017

At the AGM in November 2016 it was agreed that we should trial hosting back issues of journals alongside a computerised journal index on the website. For this trial we have used an index covering Jns. 256 to 311 (Dec. 1985 to 1999) and currently 9½ years of journals from this period has been put online.

The first prototype from the trial is available here Journal Index and Archives .

It was also agreed that access to contents contained in the Journal Archives, Exhibits and Papers sections of the website should be restricted to members only.

To achieve this a member’s login has been introduced. Members need to email to obtain their login username and initial password.

Forthcoming Meetings

5th March 2017 - Hong Kong Stampex 2017

9th April 2017 - Toronto

13th May 2017 - London at Spink Auctioneers.
Please note change of venue

Further details on Meetings page

A new monograph is now available

Red Cross Envelopes during the Japanese Occupation of Hong Kong
by Philippe Orsetti

see the members' Papers section

Members' Exhibits

Six more exhibits have been added, they are -

Nick Halewood's

Hong Kong KGVI 1938-52 Definitive Issues

Hong Kong QEII 1954-62 Definitive Issues

Dr Andrew Cheung's

British Treaty Port Post Offices in China

British Treaty Port Post Offices in Japan

Carol Cheung's

The Hong Kong Circular Datestamps 1893 - 1941

The Hong Kong 1953 Coronation Issue

They are available for viewing here.   Many thanks to Nick, Andrew and Carol

If you have an exhibit, display or presentation that you wish to share with other members then please contact

HKSC Meeting in Hong Kong on 29 November 2016

Further details on Meetings page

Hong Kong Officially Sealed Labels Catalog
by Philippe Orsetti

Updated November 2016

see the members' Papers section

2016 Annual General Meeting

This will take place on the 5th November at the Union Jack Club, London

Meeting starts at 1pm. For further details, please contact Chris Norton

Members' Exhibits

Philippe Orsetti has suggested the inclusion of a new section on this website for
members to share displays of their exhibits. A working prototype has now been prepared
using Philippe's award winning exhibit on 'Hong Kong Under Japanese Occupation (1941-1945)'.
It can be viewed here

More displays or presentations are required to help with the evaluation of the prototype. If you can help with this or wish to provide feedback then please contact

HKSC Meeting at the World Stamp Show, New York, 2016

A report and photographs from the event is available here

Hong Kong & Treaty Ports Forwarding Agents Markings
During the XIX Century

by Philippe Orsetti
Updated June 2016

see the members' Papers section

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Our History
The Hong Kong Study Circle was founded in 1951 to record and circulate information on the philatelic and postal history of Hong Kong and the Treaty Ports. It is UK-based and regular meetings are held in London. Provincial meetings are also held from time to time. Overseas meetings are a feature as well and are arranged as opportunities arise.

Membership is world-wide and is linked by the Journal plus the Newsletter, which are the medium for reporting, exchanging and recording information, normally submitted by members. The Journal has been published continuously since 1951 and is issued quarterly free to members.

From time to time specialized handbooks are published by the HKSC, the most recent being two volumes, Hong Kong Airmails 1924-41 (by Duncan Crewe), and Hong Kong Airmails 1945-95 (by Nick Halewood). Click here for more information.
Officers of Hong Kong Study Circle and contact details
Chairman Mick Goldsmith
President Chris Norton
Vice-president (North America) Ingo Nessel
Vice-president (Hong Kong) Dr. Andrew M.T.Cheung
General & Membership Secretary Nick Halewood
Treasurer Robert Newton
Journal & Newsletter Editor John Wilson
Librarian Nick Burrell
Webmaster Frank Young


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